Mechanical Repair Process

Step 1: Vehicle Intake

The first part of the MVAW repair process is vehicle intake. We ask for all your contact information phone numbers, especially daytime numbers and e-mail so we can contact you quickly for repair approval and e-mail the repair estimate. Then we listen carefully to your complaint / concern regarding your vehicles problem(s). During the diagnostic phase we list this as OCC Original Customer Complaint. We ask if there are any other items that you need us to address and then generate a “R.O.” which is an acronym for repair order. We then ask for any time considerations or special requests, such as customer pickup or delivery or if our FREE VALET SERVICE is need. The R.O. then goes into our Dispatch System to be assigned to the best Technician per specific vehicle problem.

Step 2: Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection

Once the vehicle has been assigned to a technician the actual repair process begins. The first step is to complete The MVAW Proprietary Pre-Repair Vehicle inspection see “Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection” on our repair page for a printable copy and complete list. The Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection covers the BODY CONDITION, LIGHTING, UNDER HOOD, and UNDERCAR. We preform this inspection on every repair (INCLUDING AN OIL SERVICE) so we can inform you of all possible repairs, the costs for both the short term and long term, including repairs needed that you were unaware of; giving you the complete repair picture before you decide to invest in your car by repairing it.

Step 3: Diagnose Original Customer Complaint

After the Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection has been completed, we then identify the cause of the issue that you to brought the vehicle in to us in the first place, this we label Original Customer Complaint or OCC. Once identified and needed parts are listed we check inventory of two reputable part suppliers to see if the part (s) are in stock and then for the best price, so we can pass along that to you the customer.

Step 4: Identify Serious Safety Issues

From the information garnered during the Pre-Repair Vehicle Inspection the next highest priority that we place in the repair process are SERIOUS SAFEETY ISSUSE(S) or SSI. These are usually components that we have identified, that are about to fail completely and pose a SERIOUS SAFETY ISSUE(S) to your safety. Typical examples of these components are excessively worn suspension pieces such as tie- rod ends and ball joints. If either of these two components fail you will completely lose the ability to steer your vehicle without any advance warning. The dirt driveways typical of houses on Martha’s Vineyard wear these components at an accelerated rate. Another example is extremely rusted brake lines that are damp & beginning to leak fluid, a precursor to catastrophic brake failure. In most instances you will be completely UNAWARE OF THESE SERIOUS SAFETY ISSUE(S).

Step 5: Identify Needed General Mechanical Repair

The next items that we look for are those that we label GENERAL MECHANICAL REPAIR or GMR. These items are anything from worn drive belts to brakes that have less then ¼ life left. We price out these items and include them on the estimate so you have the option to address them at one time in our best effort to keep you on the road and prevent unexpected breakdowns and also to accommodate and provide convenience to you the customer.

Step 6: Identify Needed Manufacturers Recommended Services

The final aspect of The MVAW repair process is to identify the services recommended by your manufacturer per your vehicles mileage, we label these MANUFACTURERS RECOMMENDED SERVICES or MRS. At MVAW we have accesses to all the factory repair /service information, we use your vehicles mileage to ascertain what services are current and which ones are due now and ones that are past due. These are services that the manufacturer expected to be done at certain mileage intervals when they project your vehicles longevity, failure to do these services when recommended not only severely decreases the life span of your car; it exponentially increases repair costs. Examples of these services are anything from fluid flushes (see the “Top 5 Most Important Services”) Tire rotation or MOST IMPORTANTLY TIMING BELT SERVICE / REPLACEMENT.

Step 7: Generate Estimate

Once we have listed all repairs and or services we then generate a detailed estimate. The estimates are complete including shop supplies, Hazardous Material Removal and shipping. AT MVAW we pride ourselves at providing NO SURPRISE ESTIMATES.

Step 8: Inform Customer and Gain Approval for Repairs

At MVAW we will NOT PREFORM ANY REPAIR without your consent, PERIOD.

Step 9: Order Parts

Once we have obtained approval for the repair(s) we immediately order the needed parts to ensure the quickest completion time for repairs and to get you back on the road ASAP.

Step 10: Complete Repairs

Once the parts arrive at our facility, the parts are checked in to verify that they are correct then your repair order RO goes back into our dispatch process for repair completion.